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Initial Health Consultation           

During an initial consultation I review your health history, diet, lifestyle, concerns and goals. I will look to identify causes by visually examining your tongue, nails and facial features. I will access the state of your digestion and toxins in the body. I work to understand you and your body as a whole, how these issues are manifesting to address the root cause. I will take notice to any emotional barriers and blockages, that may be limiting your healing process. I Together we will come up with an action plan that feels manageable and custom herbal formulas. It is important to continue follow ups. It takes time to work through the layers and make the right changes for ourselves. 

Please allow yourself enough time to be present in this consult. Consultations are provided online over video or in person. You will receive a typed up outline of the recommendations provided with links for more learning.

Minimum time of 1 hr.                                $120

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Health Consultation Follow Ups

I understand the challenge in changing behaviors and adapting new habits. It takes time and patience, at times there are many layers to work through. The body does not heal overnight yet it has an amazing capability to when we allow it. We tend to create high expectations and put a burden on ourselves looking to change everything all at once. Continue follow up sessions for herbal customizations, coaching and doing it right, making one change at a time.

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1 hr.                                                                $90

Custom Herbal Formulas

Formulas are available for purchase only to clients that do an initial health consult.

They are mixed powders so they are transparent ingredients, no fillers or additives. Herbs require more substanstial dosing than what you may receive purchasing supplements. This way provides you the right dosage to benefit from and can be easily titrated if needed. For an extra cost, they can be capsulated at 000 size.

I do have single Ayurvedic herbs for sale without consults by the ounce, contact me directly for purchase.

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Per Ounce                                                        $7

Soul Guidance & Astrological Birth Chart Readings

Ever wonder what is my purpose, what am I here to accomplish and learn? What is the reasoning behind my struggles? 
I will help you to uncover that and empower yourself through your obstacles. Astrology is the greatest tool we can use to understand ourselves. Birth chart readings is the map of our soul, we are all created from the stars and they have blessed us with many attributes to complete our journey here.
With taort I pick up on the current energy to find what karmic cycles you are in that are guiding you towards soul evolution. I like to view every challenge as an initiation to getting closer to God.
These sessions are a great way to cultivate surrender, gratitude, purpose, understanding and growth. Take the time to get to know you truly are! Everyone should do a birth chart reading at least once in their life. Continue coaching sessions with me for guidance and as therapy.

Tarot Spread                                                                                                      $30 
30 minutes
Picks up on current situations in which your Spirit is seeking guidance.

Birth Chart Reading                                                                                           $80
Helps you to understand yourself for soul development.
Intuitive Coaching                                                                                              $60
60 minutes

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Reiki/Shamanic Energy Work

Sessions are currently offered at Greenshire Institute of Quakertown, Pa. Depending on circumstances, I can also work from within my home or yours.. Please come wearing no fragrance, scents or lotions of any kind. Product based chemicals disrupt my ability to focus and channel. Come in comfortable clothing to easily relax.

This is where my magic kicks in! It is incredible what the body holds onto. The body does not now the difference between physical and emotional pain. A lot of us are still holding onto trauma that we are unconsciously aware of. Suppressing emotions and compromising our truth holds negativity in the body that can manifest into many problems. This creates false belief systems which we can spend our whole lives working around and self sabotaging our growth. I find any issue whether it be physical or mental all stems back to an emotional trauma. We must allow ourselves to process these emotions and then release them with love and compassion. I work to find where these blockages are in the body and bring them to the surface to be released. My clairvoyant gifts allow me to actually see the memories that are creating a sense of spiritual warfare within you. I have been able to connect many of my client's to their truth that have spent their lives searching for answers.

Read my outstanding testimonials from past client's to get a feel for how rewarding this service can be. Set yourself free!

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1 Hr.                                                                  $70

Available for Workshops & Classes on Holistic Health, Ayurveda,  Ascension Guidance.
Contact to feature me for Readings & Reiki Services or to feature my Soul Natural Products.

Contact me for further information. Open to collaborate, volunteer and other opportunities.