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Most commercial products are extremely hazardous to our health. There is a reason there are more chronic health conditions and sensitivities today than ever before. This is a growing problem and often missing link in the health community that does not get enough recognition. Why allow big corporations to profit at the cost of your health? Chemicals are linked and not limited to cancer, autoimmune disorders, mental health and hormone disruption. What we inhale directly affects our nervous system and what we put on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream. We must always go back to the root of why is my body not functioning well? I encourage everyone to practice self awareness by reading ingredients on product and food labels.

Rasayana Facial Oil

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Handcrafted, herbal infused oil as a face moisturizer or rejuvenation serum. Rasayana is a term in Ayurveda which translates to 'the path of essence." Rasayana herbs help to repair, rejuvenate, and rebuild the tissues in the body and mind. I carefully selected all of the herbs which are calming to the skin, moisturizing, replenishing, hormone balancing, anti aging, reduces scars and wrinkles, anti inflammatory and contain vital nutrients for the skin with estrogenic qualities. The herbs were infused for over 24 hours on low heat with rose quartz and amethyst. This is one of my favorite oil blends and I notice difference in my skin just within two days of using. My skin is softer, more hydrated, plump with a more even skin tone.

Ingredients: *All Organic. sesame oil, olive oil, ashwagandha, shatavari, fenugreek seeds, frankincense, rose petals, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, slippery elm bark, aloe vera, licorice root

1 oz tincture bottle

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