Techniques & Practices Used

* Ayurveda

* Herbs and Custom Formulations

* Natural Heath Conscious Products

* Nutrition with Proper Digestion

* Pranayama- Breathing Practices

* Mindful & Meditation Practices

* Heavy Metal Detox

* Natural Detoxification Therapies

* Intuitive Guidance & Coaching

* Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation

* Soul Contract Readings

* Biochemistry/Cell Salts

* Marma Therapy

* Reiki/Shamanic Energy Work

*SEM Source Energy Medicine

*Psychic/Intuitive Gifts

* Body Alchemy

I am open to working with a range of clients. Contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss if I would be the right person for you.

I specialize in Mental Health Conditions including anxiety, ADHD, symptoms of psychosis; Autoimmune Disorders including Lyme's, EBV, Hashimoto's & more; Liver Conditions including Hepatitis, Digestive Health and Disorders including IBS, Parasites, Candida, Constipation and more; Food/Mold/Chemical Sensitivities.

It is difficult to know how to properly treat people without first understanding who they are. What may work for one may not another. We all have our own different state of balance we require. Every one of us is different and does not fit a one size fits all Western approach. So, who are you?

We are all our own unique manifestation of elements, qualities, energies and electricity. Ayurveda is a science that identifies us by a system of three doshas that each correspond with the five elements and 22 qualities. Think of ourselves as a ratio of these aspects. Understanding this helps us to determine what the body requires to be in proper balance with it's true nature. It is a system of energetics and the herbs can help us to achieve that balance. Does your body need a diet and herbs that are more heating or cooling, what direction must they go in to reach which organs and tissues, do you need detoxifcation or replenishing therapies? It is just as important to be able to access people by looking at their astrological makeup. The electricity in our body responds the biochemistry of salts and minerals our body needs to properly function. Our astrological make up can give us clues in what salts we may be more difficient in. The body cannot properly function without all these  properties being in perfect working order. This is the true alchemy of which the body seeks. To be in alignment and working harmonously at a higher rate of vibration that allows the body to heal on its own.

When working with my clitents my first goal is to understand you as a whole, your unique, individual make-up to be able to determine what your body needs to be in proper balance. This is the only way to determine the right therapies for you and have an individualized approach to treatment. Second, is to find the root of what is causing the problems rather than looking to label the condition and symptom management. Here I will access your entire history and diet very thoroughly along with the state of your digestive system and toxins in the body. I will look for clues by using face, tongue and nail analysis to see what conditions are manifesting and where.

I find it important to incorporate spirituality with health to really understand ourselves better and why we are not making better choices for ourselves. Spirituality is simply living and acting upon pure consciousness. One of your main objectives in working with me will be practicing self awareness. I want you to read labels, pay attention to how your body reacts to things and look to understand where your emotions stem from. Life is a constant game of surrender and attachment to what we cannot control can make us sick. We have to learn at the end of every day all that really matters is our state of consciousness.