Are You in a state of Dis-ease or Dis-order?
Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, 
I am here to guide you to becoming your best self.

I am an Ayurveda Health Consultant, Herbalist and Energy Worker that understands there is a pathology to everything. I work to treat and identify the root cause of health issues rather than symptom management. I utilize my psychic intuitive gifts and the ancient science of Ayurveda to understand my clients as whole to provide a more individualized approach. My goal is to empower other's struggles as opportunities for growth, help them bring more awareness into self and become more conscious of the choices we are making. The more we rid the body of negativity and toxins, we are able to reach a more enlightened state of being, living a more balance, healthy and joyful life.

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Most all disease begins in the gut. Very rarely are doctors looking for what is causing the problem. Labels and diagnoses do not explain that for us but give us a name for grouping symptoms. Western medicine fails to address cause and effect, not allowing us to take responsibility for our health. It is a system based solely on symptom management. Pharmaceuticals can cause more extensive damage to the body with side effects that can be worse than the condition itself. To really address the issue we first have to look at what we are putting into our bodies. Nobody develops a condition out of thin air. If you are eating processed food everyday, produce covered in pesticides, high amounts of sugar, using chemically based products and exposing yourself to constant radiation, you are most likely guaranteeing yourself a future in illness. Some people may spend most of their lifetime seeing doctors and their diet is still never addressed, which is most likely causing the problem in the first place. Even mental health conditions like ADHD tend to be the cause of a food sensitivity. It is time we change our approach and do right by ourselves by making the right choices for our health. 

I am here to provide you the road map to heal.

I offer one on one holistic health consultations to guide my clients to a state of healing naturally.

You will be provided diet, lifestyle practices and custom herbal formulations.

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Health Consultations

Ayurveda translates to "The Science of Life." It a holistic health and healing system that originates from India, dating back over 3,000 years. Ayurveda  is curative and preventative care. Ayurveda understands thoroughly how imbalances manifest in the body and how to create harmony again. I will access the strength of your digestion and the state of toxins in your body. Ayurvedic herbs are very safe posing little to no threat of harmful side effects or reactions. 

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Shamanic Energy Work

The body holds onto everything and does not know the difference from physical and emotional pain. This creates blockages which can manifest into mental and emotional distress, health conditions and keep us from living in the present. We tend to self sabotage and limit ourselves due to false belief systems installed in us since childhood. I work to find these blockages in the body and extract them to guide you towards a place of compassion and release. I find there is no better system available that goes directly to the source at a cellular level.

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Natural Products

We are exposed daily to an abundance of chemicals that are extremely toxic to us. This is a huge issue that does not get enough attention. What you put on your skin absorbs directly into the blood stream and what we inhale goes straight to the nervous system. There is a reason we have high rates of chronic health conditions today that did not exist in the past. I have natural, chemical free products with ingredients actually good for you. Why pay for poison? 

Suffering is inevitable in life yet it can also be our greatest gift. It is an opportunity to grow, rise above with a higher awareness and understanding. Nobody learned anything without experiencing first the opposition. I did not seek to learn about holistic health until I experienced sickness. We have to really dig deep within ourselves to look at why we are not making better choices and doing what we need to feel our best. Many people are more comfortable working around symptoms all day than doing what they need to do to heal. I can speak for myself saying it is much more work to feel unwell every day rather than changing my diet and doing what I need to take care of myself. We should all desire better for ouselves and want to feel our best. When we practice more self awareness and learn to make better choices, we are pursuing an act of self love. I challenge you to fight for yourself and be the warrior you were born to be. It's time we listen to and learn to trust our divine intuition. It is my goal to help you acknowledge how much power you already have. I understand the blockages we create within ourselves that leave us feeling at a brick wall at times. I find whatever condition someone is faced with, it all begins with some form of toxicity. Whether it be a sick body, mind or spirit. We live our lives at we accept it to be. Never accept the brick wall! Are you ready to take your power back and ask for more? Because you are truly worth it!

Reasons for Seeking an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Energy Healer

Mental Health Conditions


Trauma, PTSD

Autoimmune Conditions

Food, Mold, Chemical Sensitivities

Digestive Disorders

Stress Reduction

Establish Self Esteem & Worth

Proper Diet and Routine

& More

Leah Quirk

I find what is unique about me is that I come from a place of being able to say, "I understand." I have had my own personal struggles and have been left many times at the brick wall. I refused to settle and believe that's all there was. My journey into healing has come entirely from a place of listening to and trusting my intuition. That is what makes me good at what I do, my experience is personal and beyond the study of books, I lived it.


I am not a Licensed Massage Therapist or a Medical Doctor. I am not claiming to diagnose, treat or any cure any disease or disorder.

 I do not treat symptoms or provide quick fix solutions. I work with diet, lifestyle and herbs to allow the body to come to a state of balance to heal naturally. Upon seeing me you are committed to making changes for youself. I am giving you the map putting your health back into your hands.

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